There is real help out there


Posted 2007-05-20

This is real a lesson to all new mothers not to sit in pain! There is real help out there.

I was 12 weeks pregnant when I fell on my bottom. I felt no pain at the time afterwards and am not really sure if that was the start of my coccyx problem or not as I could certainly still sit comfortably until giving birth.

As soon as my contractions started however I could not sit or lie down as it was just too painful. The baby was in the unfortunate position of being back to back with me and needed some help in the end to ease her way into life with a ventouse cap. I left the hospital sore but was told it would take time for my stitches to heal as I had 2nd degree tearing and was recommended to take lavender/salt baths. (I could happily sit at this stage). At the 6 week check I was told that my pain would cease on finishing breastfeeding.

Seven months on, I was sitting in a hospital waiting room having been informed that I had broken three toes (and if you have ever stubbed a toe you can imagine how painful it is to break three!). It was then that I realised that the pain of sitting was actually more painful.

Another visit to the doctors and it was confirmed that the problem was my coccyx. I visited an osteopath with no success at all not even five minutes relief. I then start to search the web to see if I could do something and came across this web site.

It is now with a huge relief that I sit here and say thank you for the recommendations to visit DR MICHAEL DURTNALL, a chiropractor in KENSINGTON, LONDON, UK (see doctors and specialists in the UK).

He is very professional in his manner and is clearly an expert. I would really recommend him to anyone. It is a horrible procedure to go through but his knowledge (and use of low dose x-ray analysis) gives you the courage to relax and come out feeling so much better.

I have now had three sessions and each week the pain is easing so I can sit for long and I now no longer have a terrible pulling sensation when I stand. He manages to do what no medicine or other remedy can do.

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