So much coccyx pain

Siobhan -

Posted 2007-12-09

I have suffered with my coccyx for 10 years. I first did it when I was 11 and I slipped and fell on ice. Gradually over the years of me growing up I became interested in the extreme sport... snowboarding!! Well what bad news this brought to me!

I had a bad accident a few years ago that left me with a slightly bent spine and even more damaged coccyx. I am now 21 and I am sick of being in constant pain. I've had steroid injections in my spine to try and ease it, which just made it worse. There was also talk of removing it... which had more cons than pros! I have tried physio.... nothing.... the only thing that did actually work was going to see a chiropractor but of course that got far too expensive and I had to stop going!

So now I am back to square one and I am sick of being in pain. I can't cope with long journeys on trains, planes, cars, buses (well and short journeys) and it just gets me so down!!

I do have an appointment with a back specialist in January so hopefully things will get sorted!!! I can only cross my fingers and hope!!

My fiance has been a star and has helped me at any chance possible by giving me massages and rubbing my back (bless him)

I'm just glad I'm not alone and there is people out there that do understand!!

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