I found the ultimate seat

Orit - shochato@netvision.net.il

Posted 2007-07-15

My name is Orit and I am 57 years old and suffering for more than a year. After seeing therapists and doctors of all kinds I am left with one offer only - to take Amitriptyline Hydrochloride anti-depressant which also deals with pain of this sort.

Please share your experience on this.

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Update 2007-11-18

I found this very expensive seat (550 dollars) made in California. It is called SUPRACOR beehive contour seat. it is designed for paralyzed people on wheel chairs but can be put on any seat and taken along easily. it is 40 cm by 40 cm and can be other sizes too. I have absolutely NO PAIN when sitting on it, and that is after I tried every seat possible. I have been suffering a year and a half now.

Orit Shohat


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