Ongoing pain saga

Anonymous -

Posted 2007-05-13

Well, I stumbled upon this message board in an effort to get some answers to my pain problem, and let me tell you I could relate 110%. I thought it was just me.

Last year at this time I was a marathon runner and full-time nursing school student. Now my days (and nights) are pretty well consumed with leg and tailbone pain. It started after a 12 mile run and then weekend of wake boarding. I woke up in agony went to ER and was diagnosed with a torn iliopsoas muscle. They gave me some percocet and said to follow with ortho in 3 weeks. He gave me injection for piriformis and said see spine doctor. He said I DUNNO, MRI is clear, take some pain meds and see sportsmed. No answers there. See pain management. Meanwhile I have been taking percocet and neurontin for nearly 8 months while trying to find answers.

The pain doc says stop taking meds it's a torn hamstring and we'll treat it with injections only. This is turning out to suck. The first one was great worked perfect and my pain was about 1-2 for 2 weeks. Yeah! I returned to normal activity, Well sort of he said "no pavement running", "learn to swim", that's your physical therapy for the next 4 months. Unfortunately, the 2nd epidural did NOT work and now I'm stuck in pain again. I'm going for the 3rd tomorrow but I'm losing faith and starting to feel like they (all the docs) don't know crap! I have kids and frankly they don't understand that I am just in agony all the time. Does anyone have any ideas of what's next? Feel free to e-mail me.

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