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Kristen -

Posted 2007-09-30

Hello. I have finally decided that the time has come, enough is enough. I "injured" my tailbone approximately 3 years ago this October...and when I say injured, I think I did so falling in a sports related incident...however I am not sure if it really was an injury or not. I dealt with the pain for a few months before seeing my sport medicine Doc at school. Basically long story short with him is that I had a very disappointing relationship with him for over a year, seeing him quite a few times, only for him to repeatedly tell me. "There is nothing that can be done for coccyx pain". One would hope that a Doctor working with one of the top Division One sports programs could have been a better resource.

I first worked with the Physical Therapists to help the showed no results. He then had me see a Chiropractor, who basically tried to move the tip of my tailbone with applied external results. After going back to the Doc, actual tears, after a year plus (I would also like to add, that I have an extremely high pain tolerance, so it has to REALLY be bothering me for this to occur) he finally refereed me to a "spinal" Doc. I forget his exact title. I received the injection shortly after that. I was told I wouldn't miss a beat, that I would be back at practice the next day. Quite wrong, I was in bed/carefully moving around for roughly 3 days, I was very sore for the actual spot of the injection. The result of the injection was nothing, I felt no different.

Basically after being totally frustrated, fed-up yet still in pain, I just decided to suck it up and deal with it for the remainder of my final full year in college, constantly sitting on the side of my hip to somewhat alleviate the pain (the donut cushion doesn't help). I decided to wait it out until I was out of school and could see a doctor back home in Boston where I live, hoping for a wider variety of resources.

I used this site last Dec & discovered a specialist in my area. After waiting 2 months for an appt (which was shocking to me), I kid you not the Doc spent a total of 10 min max with me...looking only at the x-rays, not taking the time to hear my story or anything....basically he said to me, I can remove your top 2 bones. The attitude was that this is the service I am providing- take it or leave it. I walked out of his office, totally caught off guard, disappointed, etc etc. He also told me how the operation would take no time at all and it was a very minor procedure...that I would be able to carry on with normal life. I asked him twice during the 10 minutes to clarify what I was hearing. I mentioned this site and told him of the long, painful stories of recovery, he shook his head and said nothing of it, only that I would be good to go.

So....I blew it off, yet again....dealt with the pain. It is only now that I have just started my 1st job after school in which I sit down most of the day, & take the train to the city....that I am at my wits end, something HAS to be done...which I why I am posting on this site. I also find myself compensating so much for my intensified pain (which happens when I sit consecutively) by standing as much as possible or sitting on my side....which are obviously taking a toll in other ways. I am extremely active and really can usually handle most pain, I rarely take any sort of pain meds when I do have pain not related to this.

Something has to be done, bottomline. I am in search of advice. Anything anyone has to say would be soooo soo appreciated. Thank you for reading my story, I really look forward to hearing from you!


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