Tailbone pain gone

Rick - falconbay2@yahoo.com.au

Posted 2007-09-23

Hi Readers

I had suffered from coccyx pain since August last year with little relief in sight until on a flight from Bangkok, while leaning forward to read a book, after some hours realized I had no pain. After looking at all possible reasons I realized in order to read with the night light I was tucking my chin in which basically straightened the back of my neck which in turn was making my spine straight. So I adopted this posture while sitting at my computer or any other situation and found there was absolutely no tailbone pain.

So my conclusion was that because I sat with my head slightly tilted which I had no idea I was doing. Once I straightened my posture no more pain.

I hope this may be of some help to people you may be doing what I was doing.

Cheers Rick

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