Ten years of pain

Vivienne - Vizzy_2006@msn.com

Posted 2007-11-11

I would like you tell you about what has happened to me 10 years ago. I was kicked in the back. Had a blood clot on my right cheek x3. Was sent home, told I would be okay. I waited for me to repair but it was not happening.

1 year later taken back in for the day, was told again I was worrying over nothing. At this time they had not picked up that my coccyx had a big break in it!

In 2006 I changed doctors, was send for MRI scan. I was then told I had broken coccyx {was telling them}. Anyway have seen 3 doctors at 3 different doctors. Nobody will do the op on me. I am in a wheel chair, been on morphine last 2 years, 60 mg a day plus other drugs. Went to Cardiff hospital today, got told again I was high risk, so no, I am to go back next week to have injection in my spine yet more drugs gggggggrrrrr.

When will they ever take this pain away from me? Other things have set in now, infection in hips, trapped nerves in both legs, 5 discs out, and nobody will help me. Worked for the NHS for 17 years as a midwife, put my heart and soul into my job, was a long distance runner for Wales for 10 years. Where has it got me? My husband has been crying as he is unable to help with pain he is finding life hard. Now this is 2007. Come on where is the help for us to be pain free?

Update, 2008-10-05

I am here to update what has happened to myself after a long fight trying to get this op done. I have won fighting the NHS, doctors, Welsh assembly, HMC, MPs, you name it. I wrote to them, but I found a doctor at London Barts, I went to see him on 3rd of Sept. 2008. I live in Wales so I went up to see him. Next thing a appointment was though the door, I am going up on the 8th Oct. 2008. Here in Wales I started 10 years ago in Swansea then Neath, Port Talbot, then Bridgend then Cardiff back to Morriston then London. I pushed pushed pushed ......

Just to let you all know there is a way around this. The doctor who you need to talk to is a person called a gatekeeeper. When you go and see any doctor at any hospital ask him if he is a gatekeeper. If he is not don't waste your time, he can not do anything for you ....this I found out from the HMC which is important when you are trying to get this op done.

I should be working for the NHS the amount of stuff I now know. All the red tape can be put to one side if you find the doctor who is the gatekeeper so always ask!

I would say that I have lived on morphine for the last 5 years, and all the fighting I have done has been worth it. If you live in the UK write to Dr Sivaraman and Royal London hospital [Note - Dr Sivaraman no longer works there, but you might find him elsewhere by googling. He has done this op many times and he is a caring person and least I have found someone. So if you are like myself in need, take the time to write to him he will answer you.

I would like to thank this site, it has been so helpful to me and has pushed me that much harder. I will post my updates when it is done and pics.

To all that are still fighting, keep your chin up guys, there is help out there and I hope I have helped you with the things I have found out.

Update, 2008-10-19

Just a update. The picture is 5 days post op and my life has changed 100%. The team that worked on me and the nursing staff at Croft ward Royal London hospital I cant thank enough. I am a new woman. I must say while I was on ward I showed Dr Sivaramian the site and he took the time to look though it so he is now aware of the site and the suffering we go though everyday.

The good news is that I am now off morphine and have not taken any pain killers since I got home. What a joy to be pain free, except the post op pain which I can handle. I am back to London in a month to see Dr Sivaramian. Just a check up so I can give him a big hug and thank him

Update, 2009-03-22

Hi this is just a update on my condition since I had my op in Oct. 2008. The recovery has been long but the results are great. Lost feeling in back of left leg but still able to walk great but slow. The scar you are unable to see, so small still painful at times but they said a year to recover.

I have painted my living room with my husband first time in 10 years. No more wheel chairs. Can't walk far, but able to walk without crying every step. After 10 years of pain and I know what you guys are living with its so nice to live a normal life again.

He said I would never be 100% but 90% is good enough for me now can have a life with my husband and kids again. For all them who are thinking of having his op, yes there are risks, but there is with every op you have!

But the fight with the NHS was worth it. Don't suffer alone, there are people out there who can help. Talk to others who have had this done if you are not sure. I went to London to see my Dr and he wants to see me again this year for a update. He is a wonderful man bed side matter 100% what a caring man he has done this op 7 times now and every one of them have come out walking. It is the teaching hospital in the UK so you are in the best hands.

If you want to know any thing else about what happened to me then I will answer any questions as having this op is not the easy. ....thing to decide as I know but if the pain you live in everyday like I did take that step. .

Thanks again for having this site it's a1.

You have one life live it to the full!!!!

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