Manual treatment led to worse pain

Fleurie -

Posted 2007-06-03

5 weeks ago I injured my coccyx making love with my partner of all things. Nobody else seems to have experienced this or maybe they wont admit it. No I wasn't swinging off the chandeliers or doing anything out of the ordinary but I am hypermobile and do have osteoporosis.

The pain was excruciating sitting as everyone knows but standing and walking were OK. I couldn't go to work as I need to drive a lot for my job and sitting in the car was impossible. I bought a coccyx cushion and gradually it began to improve but without the cushion sitting was very painful. Reading this site I decided last week that I should act sooner than later. My GP referred me to an orthopaedic Surgeon but it seems that they really don't have much success. I went to see a Chiropractor yesterday who took x-rays and discovered a hairline fracture and my coccyx was displaced. He decided to manipulate it but gave me the choice of doing it through the rectum or the vagina. Well all women will know that with smear tests and childbirth etc that is probably the least traumatic and embarrassing. I was told that the coccyx moved but since the treatment I have been in much worse pain.

Dull nagging ache if I am standing, walking and sitting is very painful on the cushion which it wasn't before. I just wonder if any other women have been manipulated in this way. Also was it a good idea to manipulate when I obviously have a fracture?

Work are getting really annoyed with me as there is no way I can go back yet and if it goes on much longer I will be on half pay and wont be able to pay my mortgage and expenses. Help!

Hugs to all you other sufferers.


Update, 2007-06-10

Following my last posting, I have only what I can describe as the feeling that I need to open my bowels the whole time but of course I don't. My anus it just burning. I've read on this site of other people who are experiencing this. Has anyone resolved it?

Still in more pain than before the adjustment to my coccyx plus this additional discomfort and I certainly didn't have this symptom before. Given the fact that I didn't have an anal adjustment but a vaginal one it cannot be that which has caused the problem.

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