Bottom pain getting better

Eddie -

Posted 2007-02-04

Hello, I'm 37 male. Have been suffering from butt, lower back pain for at least 4 months. It all started gradually after sitting for long periods of time. The type of work I do, I drive around most of the day or sit at my desk. It got so bad that I couldn't drive past 15 minutes. Sitting was unbearable and was getting muscle spasms at mornings.

I hurt my back about six years ago and at first thought it was due to that but after reading some of these emails I can relate more to this. This hurts more like down in that area. Although I'm not ruling out my lower back problems, when I hurt my back there was x-rays taken and an MRI but nothing showed up according to my orthopedic surgeon.

I just wanted to share what has somewhat helped me. I started using an ointment called Mineral Ice. I apply this to my lower back and butt area . I still use this ointment but now I skip a day or two here and there. It took like a whole two months of this to notice a difference. I also started walking and this has also helped. Also warm showers at night have helped me some as well. I'm also trying not to sit as much.

All this in combination of just plain Advil have helped. I do have to add that I am not at one hundred percent yet. Having a positive attitude is really hard especially when you are in constant pain.

Also I wanted to ask if there's anyone out there that have tried steroid ointments and if so would you recommend them. Please let me know if there's anything else that would help me out. I do have an appointment with my doctor soon.

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