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Flying Blondi - flyingblondi@yahoo.ca

Posted 2007-12-16

I had a car accident on March 2005. On Dec. 11 2007 I got my coccyx taken off. Here is my experience.

The surgery lasted 35 minutes from anesthesia to wake up room. Woke up on my side in pain. After 2 milligrams of dilaudil (derived from morphine) I was better. 2 hours later after painful vomiting because I didn't eat for 20 hours I was on my way home. Car ride of 50 km. on the back seat lying on my side with a pillow on my upper back to relax the muscles. Went up 18 steps no problems but slowly. Slept well with 2 mill. of dilaudil every 4 to 6 hours on my stomach. I didn't see the wound yet.

Woke up fresh and a bit confused. Walking no problem but slowly. Bathroom on standing position was best. Lying like Cleopatra was conformable for most the day but standing position most comfortable. Sleeping on my stomach was best. Best tool is airplane neck pillow because one end is open and more flexible then the "donut".

Had a bowel movement the following day after a glass of prune juice so it's soft. The pillow helps for sitting on toilet. 48 hours later I sit without pillow for about 10 minutes a the time with my weight forward. Bending forward is a bit difficult but doable. Went outside for a walk and did laundry. Took only 2 dillaudil today and sitting on one side. Nurse coming tomorrow to clean and replace bandage.

I'm using pampers wipe without perfume to avoid infection and it works well. Bandage must stay until would is dry. Feeling of carrying a brick at the bottom of my back, but standing feels good. Pillows lower or higher then stitches help relax the butt muscles.

I will keep you posted but after all it's not that bad.

Update, 2007-12-23

Me again. Day 3 the nurse came to change the bandage. No bruising no blood pretty dry but I will keep the bandage a few more days. No full shower yet. Wearing pants today and sitting a few minutes every few hours with the traveling neck cushion (the one with beads inside). Able to sit for dinners. Medication down to 2 dillaudil a day. Bending forward a bit hard and finally laid on my back for 2-3 minutes to rest the rest of my back. Able to walk, cook, standing is comfortable.

Day 4 a bit more difficult maybe I pushed a lot yesterday rested most of the day.

Day 5 great. Went for walk in the snow slowly and went up and down the stairs. took off the bandage and finally took a shower. Wound is dry. I'm using still the pampers wipe without fragrance for hygiene after bow movement.

The pain is mostly the muscles around the wound and if sitting with my back rested. Hope this helps some of you. After all it's not that bad.

Feel free to contact me. I will keep sending evolution.

Update, 2008-01-27

Me again. 30 days after the operation the scar is clean dry and a bit red. Started physiotherapy and let me tell you it's fantastic. Every treatment brings improvements. Massage is great I do some a couple of times a week and the physio started to play with the scar to. It's painful but what a relief afterwards.

I sit properly and for long time on one side at a time. Able to do car ride for 1 hour 30 minutes at the time with u shape pillows. I do lots of bath with mud, with epsilum salt, floating is the best and jets slowly on but helps a lot.

Started to go out for dinners with my pillow, able to shop regaining flexibility everyday but still not able to drive. Still take anti-inflammatory and some times pain killers. At times when I do nothing deep intermittent pain come and go but do to healing process.

Physio and massage are the best for me hope it helps someone. I will see my doctor in a couple a days and will start some exercise also I will do osteopathy as of next week.

Good luck to you all.

Update, 2008-02-10

Hi, I had to share this with you this morning I woke up on my back and stayed a few minutes . I drove yesterday and today with my famous travel cushion. It works well. I do my exercise twice a day at home and do physio twice a week. osteo once a week and treatments massages ( not spa like) once a week. Things are improving every day.

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