Coccyx pain going on 8 years now

Shanna -

Posted 2007-04-01

In 1999 I left college and entered the work industry. I have fallen before on my tail bone but this was back in the late 80's.

Once I went to work full time, I immediately started having problem. I have tried everything. I have bought expensive pillows, I have been to numerous specialists and I have been getting Cortizone shots for the past year. Enough Already!!!!!

I am in pain when I sit, when I drive, when I stand up to cook dinner for my family, when I lie in bed at night, and yes, even right when I wake up. Everyday life has become a struggle for this soon to be 27 year old.

I'm worried about having surgery because I do have a 2 year son and don't want to neglect him and also don't want to risk hurting myself further by caring for him after surgery.

My pelvic bones do not align with my coccyx. The left side is about a 1/2" off. Of course it doesn't help that I sit all day long.

Any advise that anyone can offer is greatly appreciated. I don't really like having surgery, but at this point, I feel like I have been left with no other option.

I actually went to one doctor (a spine specialist in Charlotte, NC) who told me that he would rather give me shots for the rest of my life than operate on me. That's hopeful.

Any information that anyone can give me is welcome.

Thank you.


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