I had surgery, and now it's worse

Anonymous - whynotgiveusthetruth@yahoo.com

Posted 2007-05-06

I fell in training to receive this injury, and I broke my tailbone in at least two places. The doctors thought it was a pinched nerve at first causing the pain, but it turns out they were wrong and I was not crazy.

I had three Steroidal injections, 18 months of Motrin (pain, inflammation), celebrex (pain, inflammation), methacabadal (muscle spasms), Percocet (pain), vicodin (pain), tramadol (pain), Tylenol (pain), Tylenol 3 (pain), shots of toradal (pain, inflammation), amitriplimine (nerve pain, Sleep), ataratax (Sleep), amebein (sleep), welbutrin (Depression), Morphine tablets Ms Contin (pain).

All these medicines were given to help but only made things worse for me, I went from being young and active to hurt, young and inactive. I cannot sit for more than 5 minutes without extreme discomfort. I have a donut and a gel cushion. Neither give long term relief.

I wish that I never would have had surgery, the pain is worse, I feel like I'm depressed. I can't sleep and I have numbness in my leg, don't have surgery if you can avoid it.

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