Doubt about diagnosis

Jackie -

Posted 2007-07-15

Hi my name is Jackie. I had an accident at work September 2003 where I fell over a mop bucket that was pushed out behind me when I was pulling a pumptruck out of a chiller. Result being I fell over it and landed on the concrete floor bum first. Went to the doctor who told me I have coccyxidinia, got prescribed pain killers.

Anyway this is now July 2007 and I'm still in considerable pain. I've seen 3 different specialists and don't know how many doctors, I've had manipulation of the coccyx, injection into the lower lumber and coccyx and pain management, have also been offered to have my coccyx removed but after listening to some people and the doctor about the things that could go wrong I said "no".

I spoke to a specialist on Friday the 13th July and now it seems I might have been mis-diagnosed he thinks my spine might be fractured or its something to do with my lower lumbar. Up until know I was never offered a x-ray or MRI scan but now he is sending me for one. I cant sleep, cant play with my daughter and daily jobs around the house are difficult. I'd love to be pain free.

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