Doctor even didn't look at my x-rays

Sunny -

Posted 2007-02-11

I'm 30 years old female. I slipped from my chair and had a fall directly on coccyx, its been more then 10 months I'm in pain. I have been on anti-inflammatory treatments, like CELEBREX and FASTUM gel. Infrared rays to hot water sitting. Its not like pain remained 24/7, it is on off some times like stabbing and some times frozen coccyx and buttocks area. And some times a peaceful day with long sitting.

When I had fall a ruthless doctor even didn't look at my x-rays by saying there is no treatment for this, he just prescribed me the above mention medicines. I lost all hope that I could back to normal like again, but with time pain has started to lessen, I have kept continued sitting on soft cushions, doughnut pillow. I was getting back to the normal life with my self medication by taking calcium supplements; which really worked for me.

But all of sudden worse pain had started to minimize my ability to sit for longer, I'm a graphic designer and my work required long sitting of 8 to 12 hours a day.

This time I was sent to other doctor, he seriously felt about my problem and was told that my coccyx making a right angle bend at sacro-coccygeal joint. He had done my manipulation and Cortisone Injection under general anesthesia on 24 December 2006

After 6 weeks I felt much improvement in my pain, but still I haven't got my 100% mobility I feel pain in bending, though its improved a little bit then before, after sitting for 2 hours, I feel a pin like chilies paste had been spreader over coccyx. This pain goes away if I lie-down for half an hour, but I can't do that at work. That moment I have nothing to do except crying in my office's rest room.

On 7th week, I feel like my pain is coming back, I was suggest another manipulation but doctor doesn't even bother to have my another X-ray before another manipulation and I don't feel this doctor has much practice with coccyx.

I have no clue what to do where to go. What will happen to my beloved career.

Please do write me if any one with right angle inward band was treated well and is there any hope for the final solution? Yes one thing I forgot to write since I had a fall I can hear Grrrrrip, grrrrip sound from my coccyx area, some times after this sound I feel less painful and some times after this grrrrrip grrrrrip I feel my pain increases to maximum. I wonder is the sound of my muscles which are trying to get the coccyx back? Or this is the sound of my bone. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks for taking time and reading my story.


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