Coccyx broken by my teacher

Niklesh -

Posted 2007-04-29

Hello coccyx sufferers,

This is Niklesh from Tamilnadu, India. I am 15 years old. On Feb. 14th 2006 in my school, my teacher kicked me in my back & I fell down. The next day I told him that I have pain. He did the same thing to me without having mercy. Then when I took a MRI scan I found that I had 3 fractures in my back. I suffered tremendously & had fractures in my coccyx, sacrum, sacro-coccyx junction.

I met lot of doctors & I had a little bit of improvement. I had a steroid injection & I found some improvement in my back. Now recently I took a scan & 2 bones are all right. Only coccyx gives me trouble. I find it very difficult while sitting. I am a very good table tennis player & because of my teacher I lost my game & I am suffering so much. I have spent more than 1 lakh & still I am not all right. I am praying sincerely. Any information that anyone can give me is welcome.

Thank you so much.

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