12 months and counting!

Rae - raebox1@yahoo.co.uk

Posted 2007-05-20

It all started nearly 12 months ago when I tripped and fractured my coccyx, slipped a disc and trapped my sciatic nerve along with damaging the top of my spine. I have now been on crutches since last August and have been taking Oromorph and Zomorph for almost a year which I am now addicted to.

I was given steroid injections and an epidural in January which only made the problem 10 times worse. I then saw a surgeon who said that there was nothing that could be done and that I would have to put up with it. As a 35 year old previously active person I refuse to accept this prognosis as I WANT MY NORMAL LIFE BACK! Anyone would think that I was asking them to remove my third eye!!

As I can't afford to go private it seems that I have hit a brick wall and don't know what to do for the best. I do know that until something is done I cannot live a normal life so just have to watch the world go by.....

It seems to me that the doctors who I see just can't be bothered and suggested that I simply take my medication in a different order!! Is it really that simple??? How I wish....

If anyone would like to get their own experiences off their chest so you know you're not going mad then I would welcome any e mails raebox1@yahoo.co.uk

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