Coccyx problems continuing

Paul & Sue -

Posted 2007-06-24

My wife had her coccyx removed approximately 3.5 years ago (age 44) after putting up with a damaged coccyx for two years. She fell down the stairs.

However, even though she is nearly 4 years post op, she is still having lots of problems. Victoria's story sounds an almost carbon copy of our own scenario. My wife now walks with a stick, is registered disabled and in constant pain. Our advice, do not have your coccyx removed unless absolutely necessary!!!!

It's only been recently that the NHS be-grudgingly carried out an MRI scan of my wife's lower back and even then, that did not include the Coccyx area. We were told it would not be relevant to scan the area and they reckon my wife's pain is referred chronic pain from the nerves that were damaged during surgery.

My wife is on many tablets including Co-proximal (old stock we kept), Gabapentin (no good and screws your head up), Pregabalin (equally screwy), Diclofenac plus others as the Drs see fit to try.

We would be very interested in knowing how to get an "expert" 2nd opinion and how to go about getting an appt with them. We are in Norfolk, UK, but will travel anywhere to try and resolve this as the NHS say there is nothing they can do anymore except "manage" the pain.

Hope to hear from anyone soon.

Paul & Sue ~(;-)

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