Much better now!!

Beth from Sydney -

Posted 2007-05-13

I just want to say its been 5 years past now since I was given an injection into my coccyx area, instead of my very lower back, by a Dr who I feel should have given me a guided injection so he could have seen what he was doing, then perhaps he would not have gone ahead when he saw my coccyx which must have been subluxed even though it gave me no pain.

With the injection, which was for my lumbar spine slipped discs, I have been through hell with pain. Couldn't sit, even standing was difficult.

However there is light at the end of the tunnel. I can now sit pain free without a cushion but I usually do sit on one. I am just so used to doing that. But I want to tell you my neurosurgeon told me it would take 9 years for the nerves to settle down in my coccyx but thank goodness its been only 5 years. Thank you God.

I hope this helps some of you look forward to some relief. Keep hoping. Also my tens machine has been the best thing to use. Try it place the pads around the coccyx area, and wear it as much as possible. I used to wear it to bed, during the day nearly always had it on.

Good luck everyone


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