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Tom, Switzerland - Update - Considering surgery (now had it)

Joanne, Australia - Update - My coccyx agony

Carol - Update - Tail bone surgery

Marnie - Update - Should I have surgery?

Nilton - Update - Coccyx related pain - nerve block caused arachnoiditis

John Lang - Update - Coccyx surgically removed - great success (so far!)

Dianne - Update - West Australian coccydynia sufferer

Joyce - Update - Coccyxgectomy for spicule/bone spur

Henry Moller - Update - Neuro stimulation for coccyx pain

Anonymous - Update - Surgery on the 5th September

Josh - Update - An unfortunate sneeze . . my coccydinia

Graham - Update - Freak biking incident

Lisa Ann - Update - Is anyone else filing under Workman's Comp?

Sami Ghazwan - Update - Special physiotherapy at 'Splendid' clinic is a miracle

Tim - Update - Antibiotics stopped the pain

Steph - Any medicine I can take that won't make me vomit?

Rache - Tailbone pain after a car accident

Pette - Sore coccyx, but no falls or anything to injure it

Melissa - Yeast causing tailbone pain

Ben - Had T-Bone removed 4 months ago - incision hasn't closed

Valerie - Tailbone pain with Rosai Dorfman Disease

Amy - Coccyx pain and long term options

Patricia Carlson - Extra-long coccyx

Anonymous - Finally - benign ependymoma was the cause of the pain

Toni - Low back pain

Donald - Will I be able to take care of my puppy after the operation?

Betsy - I thought I was crazy!

Susy - The only position I am pain-free is standing

Kim - Heat pack for tailbone pain

Anonymous - Do you think I've broken it?

Trudy Brown - Coccyx pain - still recovering

Miss Ve - Fibromyalgia and coccydynia

Mary - Successful operation

Kirsty - Bent coccyx

Clare - Response to Trish: Coccydinia: possible links to gynae prolapse or bowel dysfunction and hypermobility

Trish - Questioning the possible correlation of coccydynia and a prolapsed uterus and or bowel dysfunction

Tessa - Broken tail bone: Halloween trick or break!

Mark - Pain comes and goes, for more than 20 years

Mark - Like others, things are falling apart

Rose - Tailbone doctors in Ohio?

Renee Oswald - My bowel had grown between the broken pieces of tailbone

Barbara Eade - Brother's coccyx pain

Taunya - Upcoming surgery, any advice? (now 7 weeks post-op)

Kay - Tailbone constantly pops out of place

Dan - Slow recovery from surgery, but now virtually pain-free

Rahul - Constant pain!!!

Kathrine - Update - Reluctant about surgery

JRE - It is possible to break your coccyx

John - My short story

Annetta Lusk - Still in pain three years after surgery

Lisa - Surgery and MRSA infection

John - Coccyx pain relief

Joan - Locating the correct cushion

Rich Canada - Tailbone pain after radiation/rectal cancer

Renee - Update - Injured coccyx during childbirth

O. Adams - Update - Coccyx edema

Kelly - "Just Deal With It"

John - Botched up spinal tap

Jeff S. - Update - Coccydynia versus my Harley / New seat works!

Gillian - Fell down stairs in early pregnancy

Deb - Slow recovery after surgery

Billie - Update - Surgery follow up

Sarah - Update - Can anyone help?

Manish Gupta - Severe coccyx pain

Tim - My coccyx pain success story

Natalie - Update - Post surgery: will the pain ever go?

Denise - Cyst near coccyx - Seattle

Cathryn - The pain gradually went away

Anonymous - Finally pain free

Shannon Foster - Fractured pelvis 14 places, with coccyx and sacrum problems

Sarah - My never ending coccyx pain

Sara - Update - Pain after surgical pilonidal excision

Sue - Update - How long can I expect to be off work?

Melissa - Update - Protruding coccyx bone

Lorraine - Update - Surgery done, now recovery

John Field - Successful operation for pilonidal sinus

Crystal - Coccyx pain for over a year

Cindy - Is there some relation between Fibromyalgia and Coccyx problems?

Caroline - Coccygectomy in France

Camille - Coccyx pain during pregnancy

Astrid - Update - Going to France to see Dr Maigne and Prof. Doursounian

Anonymous - Doctors in Puerto Rico

Anonymous - Physio ball as chair relieved pain

Roxanne - Desperate in London

DrGPetDoc - Had surgery July 12, 2005

John - The surgeon offered only one solution: coccyx removal

Chris - Manipulation cured my twelve months of pain in a few minutes

Veronica Miller - Fall caused extreme pain, but for the most part it doesn't bother me anymore

Shady - New here

Puanani - Coccydynia following pilonidal surgery

DS - Looking forward to recovering

Happy Dragoness - Treatment is not doing me much good

Carolyn - Free at last!

Toni - Relief in Houston

Marilyn - Operation in five weeks

Candice - Pregnancy after coccygectomy

Brian - What yoga poses work with tailbone injuries?

Becky - Some chiropractors can cure this pain, but not all

Tami - Conservative management failed, considering coccygectomy

Lavista - My tailbone has come completely detached

Colin Wilson - No-one knows what is wrong

Paula - Osteopathic manipulations helped

Eric - Slow onset dull ache - any connection with Lipitor?

Anonymous - Having an operation in August - any advice?

Roberta - Ongoing pain...

Melissa - Highly recommend surgery - Iowa

Jo - Victim of brutal attack

Alice - Sciatiac pain in buttocks

BJ - Contracted osteomyelitis of the coccyx from multiple steroid injections

Anita - Seeking a cure for coccyx pain

Amy - Had my coccyx removed, feeling great!

Xiaomei - My successful treatments for tailbone pain after childbirth

Pingee - Any help in Singapore?

Kirsten - Update - Surgery May 9!!!

Fiorella - Sitting is OK, but lowering myself into a chair or getting up causes jarring pain

Debby - Alexander technique for coccyx pain

David Ellis - Sitting at my PC and riding my bicycle aggravated an old injury

V Taylor - Still in pain after a kick 20 years ago

Mark W - Update - Coccyx pain and surgery

Donna - Fused tailbone

Clackmac - Is this Coccydynia? Please...

Sharon - Should I have a second surgery?

Anonymous - 1 week after coccygectomy

Libby - I have suffered from tail bone pain for over twenty years

Sadie - Facial pain referred, maybe?

Angela Boddie - Coccyx pain following a spinal tap

Robin Wakeham - Request for doctor coccyx pain Sweden

Helen - Recent coccyx removal in the UK

Anonymous - Attacked by geese; pain in the butt!

Reyna Killian - Surgery tomorrow

PK - Husband is in constant pain

Kerry - Had Surgery 3 months ago and found a good pain relief position

Isadora - I fell on the steps

Donna - Update - Operation turned chronic discomfort into pain - now had coccyx removed

Andrew - Coccyx pain relief in Georgia

Jennifer G - Update - Advice before surgery?

Mike - World's best coccyx cushion

John - Coccyxdynia for 38 years

Claudia - Surgery 20 years ago, now fallen on my bum

Brenda - How I cope

Anonymous - Pain in the butt caused by anal sex

Anonymous - Coccyx pain + depression and surgery + a new lease of life

Jo - Surgery after two years of suffering

Andrea - Coccyx pain drove me mad

Mary - Hysterectomy behind the pain?

Anonymous - Self treatment for occasional coccyx pain

Anonymous - Bent coccyx bone

Ted - Pain in my coccyx that radiates into my legs, feet and toes

Pam - Some questions

John - Common sense therapies

Nicole - Snowboarding pain in the butt

Marie - Thanks for the site helped me

Killian - Getting ready for surgery

Jeanette - Unusually long coccyx

Joe - Coccyx pain is worse when other medical conditions are worse

Baber Rabbani - No treatment has had any effect

Amy - Miserable one year after childbirth

Sonny - Operated on today

Khrista - My surgery

Cheree - Aussie in a lot of pain

Anonymous - Sick of coccydinia

Nicki Richardson - Coccyx removal pending

Susan - Part of sacral bone removed because it stuck out like a tail

Deb - Assistance with paying for a sit/stand desk

Anonymous - 1 week post-surgery

Anonymous - Finally, pain-free seating

Anila - Bent coccyx

Lynn - Extremely uncomfortable for a PA

Lambert - Tailbone too long?

Anonymous - Local laser therapy

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