Had Surgery 3 months ago and found a good pain relief position

Kerry - urzea@hotmail.com


Had surgery 3 months ago. I've had pain in my coccyx for eight years and it caused my lower spine to curve from constant painful muscle spasms.. Has this happen to any one else? It turned out my coccyx was loose.

Was doing fine until I did stretching and yoga one day like an idiot 6 weeks after surgery and set my whole lower back spasming for a month and a half now and where I sit/had surgery feels bruised.

I'm finally doing better but I still cant sit for to long and need a coccyx pillow. I did however find a position that helps relieve pain. I don't know if it will work with others. Anyway I discovered it recently post surgery: I lay on my tummy lean slightly to one side and lift the opposite leg and bend it so you are shaped like an h. Also putting a hotpad helps more.

After 20 min or so my pain goes away and I do this every time my back is set off, like when I'm: sitting, bending, lifting and standing too long.


Updated 2005-03-27

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