Surgery follow up

Billie -

Original posting, 2005-08-28:

On August 17, I had my surgery at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, performed by Dr. James Campbell, who in my book and others, is a genius. (See doctors and specialists in the USA)

I went into surgery at 10:30 AM on Wednesday and came home the next evening, walking out of hospital on my own into an SUV fitted with a single mattress and made the 1 hour drive home. Out of surgery I felt no pain, just a bad sore throat and body aches, as if I had worked out and became sore that way. I had a morphine trip that I could control, and anti nausea meds, which I had also requested, but must say did not help the nausea, but nevertheless that passed.

I felt sore at the incision site and had a raised toilet seat for comfort which I could not have done without, I had this at home along with my other supplies of baby wipes, stool softeners, laxative ice packs and a walker. I used the walker the first few days as I am prone to fainting and it was really just for comfort.

It has been one week and a day and I could not feel better. No pain!!! Still a little tenderness along the site which, if saw me naked from behind you would never know I had the surgery. My physician stitched me from inside and then glued me shut. The stitches are dissoluble.

I am still a bit tired but doing more each day. Tomorrow I will start back with my outdoor walking. I have already been on two short shopping trips, on my mattress of course with my husband driving as he knows how important shopping is to my well being.

I would do this again in a New York Minute. I am so grateful to have found all my new friends who had recommendations to me via email as they had seen my cry for help. Don't be afraid, as you will be asleep, it will be over and you will have your life back.

My Dr. wants me to wait 6-8 weeks before I sit down, but I am more than happy to do because I don't want to mess this up, I haven't been anywhere for a year or more and I have much traveling to do!!!!!!

Good luck and please feel free to email me.

Gratefully, Billie

Update, 2005-10-02

As reported before I had my surgery in Baltimore, Maryland USA on 17 August so I am coming up on 6 weeks this Wednesday September 28, 2005. the physician was Dr. James Campbell for those just reading for the first time.

Now for the great news!!!! I continue to do well. I no longer have to use the raised toilet seat, I am back to my walking routine and to be quite honest just starting last night I found that I can finally lie on my back. I still have a little soreness around the site and will not sit until 8 weeks just to be on the safe side. I could probably sit now with some Advil but why should I when I have the luxury of not having to get back to work. I want to make sure that I can do it without discomfort and not be on any kind of drug. I have a feeling , though , that even at 8 weeks I still may need some Advil but I will play it by ear and let everyone know.

I hope this posting gives others hope that they need concerning the surgery and the outcome. Once again Jon thank you for this website. If anyone at all needs to ask any questions please feel free to email me.

Gratefully, Billie

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