It is possible to break your coccyx


It is possible and it happened to me. I fell down a flight of stairs and landed so hard that my arms had a pins and needle sensation for about 10 minutes and I instantaneously became nauseous and clammy. After a visit to the ER I was shown my x-rays and clear as day there is a large diagonal break that is unmistakable. It is not a horizontal space contrary to the cases that I saw notes on from Jon.

So here I lay bed ridden for now. Can walk some but not much today due to spasm.

Doctor says it'll take at least one month and for those who think nothing can be done . . it's called rest. I plan to work through my pain for one important job this weekend and then take it easy. A winning lotto ticket would sure come in handy about now.

Anyone hear of any pain blocker that will work temporarily to get through a must do job?

Good luck to you all!

Note from Jon Miles

According to Dr Maigne, who has studied this condition in detail, it is possible to fracture the coccyx, though it is very rare. Usually when a fracture is diagnosed it is actually either a dislocation of a joint, or a fracture of the sacrum. But Dr Maigne has found some fractures of the coccyx among the hundreds he has investigated, see the fractures page of his website.

Updated 2005-10-16

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