Assistance with paying for a sit/stand desk


When I was investigating getting a sit/stand desk at work, I discovered that help was available with the costs of this through Access to Work [UK only]. I made an application to them on 21 December and had authorisation to order the desk three weeks later.

As I am an existing employee, my employer has to pay the first 300 and then 20% of the remainder, and Access to Work pays the rest. If a company takes on someone unemployed who needs help to be able to work, Access to Work pays 100% of approved costs.

The application was really simple and the people very helpful and friendly and you can see from the time it took that it is speedy. I was not aware that this financial help was available and thought you might want to put details on your website in case others can also get help. As they have approved my application due to a coccyx injury, I cannot see how they cannot approve others.

Updated 2005-01-23

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