My bowel had grown between the pieces of tailbone

Renee Oswald -

Hello, my name is Renee. I had my tail bone removed on April 11th 2005. My tailbone broke in 1992 when I was 8 months pregnant. It broke again after my daughter was born in 1996, both children were over 9 pounds.

I received numerous cortisone shots over the years with no luck. I opted to have it removed this year after real soul searching. My doctor advised it as a last resort a number of years ago. Where I live they only do about 2 of these surgeries a year. By and large the surgery went quite well, how ever my doctor was surprised to see my bowel had grown between the broken pieces (of which there were many).

The surgery is painful! I had complications right off the bat due to my nurses wanting me to sit on the toilet as soon as I was out of surgery. My advice do not sit on a toilet after this surgery. All my stitches broke right to the amputation site, leaving me with a hole and inch long and up to 3 inches deep. I spent 7 months not sitting and 6 with an open wound.

In the last 2 months I have just started sitting but now I have very bad scar tissue. You think a broken tailbone hurts, scar tissue is worse. I have never taken so many pain pills.

I am uncertain as to how this will all turn out. If I hadn't had the bone pieces out I could have gotten peritonitis from my bowel being cut. So I do think it was worth it to have it out. Just be sure you have studied to death what this surgery means and take control of your after-care! You can't trust your care to the heath professionals who are overworked and understaffed.

I hope this will help in any way!

Renee Oswald

Updated 2005-11-06

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