Tailbone constantly pops out of place

Kay - isoquant81@hotmail.com

My tailbone pain started with my knee during puberty. I had "Osgood Schlatter" of the knee and because of the pain and tenderness of the knee, I favored the entire leg. As I played sports and cheerleading through high school, I continued to favor the leg. For example, when cheerleading, I would jump and then land on one leg harder than the other, to avoid hurting the knee. Essentially, I kept jarring one side of my tailbone and that caused it to become frequently displaced.

I started going to a chiropractor in high school who would put me back into place. But, eventually, it would get jarred by a jump or stunt in cheerleading or sports and be popped out of place again. I learned to live with the pain and ache. I learned to pop it back into place by myself.

But now, I am 5 months pregnant and, my tailbone continuously slides out of place. The ligaments are doubly loose because of the pregnancy now. It pops all day long and the pain doesn't ever go away. Even if I get it back into place, the soreness and pain stays and it never seems to heal.

At the end of a long day at work, it hurts to walk. When I take a step (with the good leg that I used to land on in sports and that caused all the jarring), I get pain clear up into my tailbone. Sometime, I walk like I am 80 with a hip replacement and I am only 32.


Updated 2005-10-23

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