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Melissa - Gaudineer.Melissa@principal.com

My tailbone started hurting out of the blue. I had no injury and I have not had children. The first Orthopedic surgeon I went too looked at x-rays taken by my family doctor and indicated he saw nothing abnormal. He proceeded to tell me that he felt my pain was all in my head. He indicated that women alot of the time release stress through their tailbone. PLEASE! He sent me to Physical therapy for an ultrasound and steroid cream. It didn't touch the pain.

The second orthopedic surgeon took one look at the x-rays and said this didn't even show the area he needed to see, sent me in for new x-rays and explained that my tailbone was in shape of a C. He offered steroid injection or surgery. I told him I had already been the anti-inflammatory route and it didn't touch the pain. After my surgery, he explained the curve was more than the x-ray showed. Because of this, the surgery took 45 minutes longer than he had planned on. He removed an inch and half of my tailbone. I couldn't be happier. I had the surgery September 03 and I NEVER have pain. I snowmobile and on the 3rd day of riding I start to feel a little sore....but NOTHING like before. I had pain everyday. It was at the point I couldn't sit without my doughnut.

I was off work 7 weeks. I have a desk job, and the first week back was rough. I wish I would have started out working half days that first week back and not a full 40 hours. I had to lay on my side for the first 4 weeks. Could not lay on my back or sit up. I took my pain medication exactly as directed and I never had pain. My back, legs and ears were sore from laying around for 4 weeks, I am a very active person. I would be sure to get up and do chores around the house. I was able to do them without problem. I was even outside raking the yard.... but would tire very easily. I was sure to nap whenever I felt tired. I could basically do anything but SIT and Lay on my back. Wasn't able to drive of course, because I couldn't sit.

Dr. Joseph Fellows is the Orthopedic surgeon that performed my surgery. He is with Des Moines Orthopaedic Surgeons. [Note: sadly, Dr Fellows died in 2007.] I am very happy I went through with the surgery. I got so tired of living in pain everyday!!!!

I wish you the best of luck. It's so frustrating trying to get your point across to the doctors. because this subject is not very common. A huge thank you Jon Miles for creating this website. Had I not read the personal experiences on this website, I probably would not have pursued surgery and would still be living in pain.

Updated 2005-06-05

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