Cyst near coccyx - Seattle

Denise -

I've been having pain in the coccyx region for 5 months. Possibly related to a fall in the shower. Told my doctor about it, who examined me and said it was a cyst which I would have to have surgically removed. She sent me to a colon-rectal surgeon who did find a 1 cm x 2 cm cyst near my tailbone from an ultrasound, but observed that the cyst did not hurt when pushed on, but the coccyx did very much. He said it was impossible to tell if the pain was from the cyst or if I had just injured my tailbone somehow. If I was to go in for surgery he would remove the cyst AND the tailbone. He said to wait and see what happened over time, that it was too soon to determine if surgery was necessary.

Last week I tried the self-manipulation of the coccyx (read about it here) and actually had greatly reduced pain. I asked my doctor about that technique and she said she didn't think I should apply pressure there since if the tailbone's bruised or fractured somehow that could irritate it. So, I stopped doing it, but now having severe pain - tried to do the self adjustment and any pressure there hurts like HECK now. Wondering if I should see someone else, continue with self-adjustment through the pain, or go easy on coccyx? HELP!?!

Also anyone know of a good doctor in Seattle with experience with this? It doesn't seem like my doctors are giving me all the options I'm reading about here. I was never told about internal manipulation.

Thanks! Denise

Updated 2005-09-18

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