Pain comes and goes


I've had pain that comes and goes for the last 20+ years. I was originally diagnosed with herpes, then a year later with a pilonidal cyst. I never had the surgery to remove the alleged cyst because I lived outside the country and was concerned with being cut open in very sensitive area. My symptoms were originally that I would get severe pain at the base of my spine for 1- 2 hours followed within a week by a small cyst in the same area about once a month. When the pain hits, I take a pain killer and stagger around until the pain subsided. Slow walking seemed to help the best until the pain killer kicked in. I equate to pain to what might be felt after someone were to hit you in the base of the spine with a sledge hammer. If I am forced to bear the pain out it will radiate to the front of my body as well as half way down my thighs. I've tried icing the area which helps some but as the pain starts radiating it becomes unbearable.

After 5 years of this I would only get the pain 3 -4 times a year. Then in 2000 the pain became more frequent. I haven't gotten the cyst in about 10 years but the pain has increased in frequency to once of twice a month and there are weeks of discomfort. My general practitioner, I approached for a prescription for pain killers that I need every couple of years, said that this couldn't be herpes because of the length of time that this has gone on. He referred me to a neurologist who did an MRI and ran other tests. The neurologist said that from what he could tell everything looked fine with my coccyx and said I might have coccydynia and told me to search the internet for a site that might help me deal with this.

It's 2 AM and I was woken up by the pain so I figured this is as good a time as ever to get online since I won't be sleeping tonight.

Thank-you for taking your time to hear my story. Please let me know how I might find out how others, if there are, deal with this and what they have found.

Updated 2005-11-13

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