Yeast causing tailbone pain

Melissa -

To all pain sufferers,

My name is Melissa and I have a few personal stories on this site already. I am 6 months in recovery from a coccyxgectomy. I came across some interesting information this morning that I thought should be brought to your attention. This story is kind of long so bear with me.

I have a twin sister. Last March she started having some bladder problems which seemed to stem from a urinary tract infection she had. Her symptoms would not go away and as a result she was put on months of antibiotics. I had my coccyxgectomy in June and about a month or so after it my sister started complaining that she was having tailbone pain. We thought that it was pretty weird since she didn't sufferer from a protruding coccyx bone like I did. Since June her bladder problems and her tailbone pain have not gone away. She found an herbal specialist who deals directly with bladder problems and had her first phone consultation with her last night. During the consultation the doctor asked my sister if she was having any pain and my sister described some of her symptoms but didn't mention her tailbone, of course thinking it would not be related. The doctor then asked my sister if she has had any tailbone pain and my sister told her yes. My sister was very surprised that the doc would even ask. The doctor explained that and overgrowth of yeast in a persons body manifests itself in different ways. Some people get yeast infections, some rashes and she said some get tailbone pain due to swelling around the tailbone.

As it turns out, before I began having tailbone pain I also was on several months of antibiotics due to a health condition that would not go away. I started the antibiotics in August of 2004 and took them up until October of 2004. It was November of 2004 when I started getting tailbone pain. It progressively got worse until I had my tailbone removed in June of 2005. May I add that I had never had tailbone pain before. November of 2004 was the first time I had ever had problems in 24 years. My sister also has never had problems or has never injured her tailbone.

As most people know antibiotics are not good for the body and destroy the natural balance of flora and fauna and allows yeast to flourish in the body. My sisters doctor believes that it is not a coincidence that our bodies both reacted this way after several months on antibiotics, especially since we are identical twins. Actually it only makes sense that our bodies would manifest an over abundance of yeast in the same way. My sister's doctor actually believes that if I would have found her before my surgery she would have been able to help me to cleanse my body of yeast and I wouldn't have needed to have surgery.

Due to my protruding tailbone I am glad that I did have the surgery as the chances of my injuring myself later on in my life are greater then the average person. I thought what my sister's doctor told her was very interesting and that it seems to hold water. I wanted to put that out there for all the people who have unexplained tailbone pain to consider. I am not saying that this is necessarily going on with everyone but it is a definite possibility and something for each person to consider.

I hope this helps :) Please email for any questions. Much luck :)


Updated 2005-12-18