Had my coccyx removed, feeling great!

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Last May 2004 I had an accident and fell straight on my bum, next day I was in a lot of pain, and few a few weeks after that, I went to the doctor who sent me straight for x-rays. I had shattered the bottom of my coccyx and dislocated the top. My consultant said straight away it has to come out.

I had my op on 17th May 2005, just 11 days ago. I was nervous about the whole thing. I went down at 1.30 PM and was back on the ward at 3.50 PM. I went home at 6 PM. I was given a local after the op so the pain wouldn't be to bad and I could get in the car to go home. I was walking 20 mins after coming back to the ward, and walked out to the car. I wasn't in any pain at all.

Day after op

I kept waking in the night to find I had turned onto my back without realising. I was not in any pain at all, the only pain was from my throat, this was from the tubes, I also took laxatives to start my bowels gently. Just feel very tired.

Day 2

Feeling sore around the wound, still taking laxatives with no joy of any action, still very tired, still no pain. Had a dressing change, all looks well, slept most of today.

One week on

My stitches are getting tight now, and uncomfortable, felling a little fed up today, throat has gone down, Oh but good news Laxatives have finally worked hahaha,

Day 9

Stitches are so incredibly itchy and annoying, I got very snappy and was a grumpy cow so my hubby said. Can't wait till tomorrow for stitches to come out.

Day 10 Stitches out

I couldn't wait to get to the doctors, it was getting unbearable, didn't sleep last night, The nurse said the stitches were so tight she had a job getting the out, it was a painful 20 mins. But the relief afterwards was great. It is still a bit achey and a bit bruised, but I am feeling great, no major pain, I thought I would be in the same pain as I was after the accident, but this doesn't even come close.

Day 11

This is where I am today. I didn't sleep too well last night but it was very hot as well. I am feeling a bit achey this morning but seems to be easing up already, feeling good though, still can't drive, so still a bit house bound, but friends are keeping me out and about, and have been fantastic. And my hubby has been fantastic, I didn't know his housework skills were so good till now, and the kids tidy their things away as soon as I told them, its been good while it lasted.

My surgeon was Dr G Howell OBE From Croydon Surrey Area (See List of doctors and specialists in the UK (Surrey)). He was fantastic!

Will let you all know in a few months how I am,

All the best to all of you.

Updated 2005-05-29

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