Victim of brutal attack

Jo -

In July 2002 I was the victim of a particularly vicious and brutal attack and sexual assault. Emotionally and physically battered I went to my General Practitioner. Explained that I had been attacked to which he replied 'so you say!' I never went back again.

The local police, knowing I could hardly walk, just took me to a chemist to get painkillers! Then the perpetrators couldn't be charged due to a legal loophole and I moved my family 150 miles away - running away from threats of more violence as the police were doing nothing to protect me or my family I felt I had no choice.

I have been in pain since July 2002 and it is getting worse, some days I can't walk at all. I have knobbly, deformed bones at the base of my spine my coccyx is about an inch shorter than it was and it's getting worse. I should be receiving shortly an appointment for yet another referral!

I have had an MRI scan which didn't even cover my coccyx or pelvis area and I am pretty sure that almost three years of delays will have made things worse for my future. I am a single parent with four children and I work full time, mostly in awful pain. I'm pretty convinced that if I don't get some proper help soon it will end up with me being unable to look after my children!

I am getting fobbed off and pushed from one consultant to another but no-one seems to believe the pain I am in. As soon as it is mentioned that I was attacked their attitude changes and they refer me on!

I have had an x ray almost 18 months ago in which you can clearly see that my pelvis is twisted but they say I must have been lying in a funny position!! My hips crack and the bones in my pelvis grind continuously. When my hips crack it starts a chain reaction along the rest of my spine up to the base of my skull.

Three years on I am so sick off being in pain!

How do you get GPs, hospital staff etc to take you seriously?

Updated 2005-06-05

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