Heat pack for tailbone pain


Recently experiencing new pain from an old tailbone injury that I suffered while birthing my child in 1991. Think it has been aggravated recently by referred pain from a bulging disk injury in upper neck. Was recently purchasing the new ThermaCare Heat Wraps and even though they last 8 hours I seemed to be going through them too fast.

Over the Thanksgiving holidays my Mom gave me a homemade "heat pack" she'd made. This is what she did. She took an athletic sock and filled it with about 3 cups of raw white rice, then dropped several drops of eucalyptus essential oil over the rice, tied the sock and rolled the sock a little to work the rice and oil together. Then she popped it in the microwave for 1 minute. Wow! Warmth that you can lay on in almost any position. You could use other soothing oils in place of the eucalyptus.

Blessings through this Holiday Season!


Updated 2005-11-27

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