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Sami Ghazwan - sami_ghazwan@yahoo.com

Original posting, 2005-11-13

I am a horse rider, and I ride for the National Show Jumping Team, I fell off during a competition and developed a severe pain in the coccyx area in 1990. The pain starts only when STANDING for more then say 5-8 minutes and when lifting any weight, which is strange as coccyx pain is usually starts when sitting down.

After visiting few orthopedics, I was diagnosed with bruised coccyx. Then I was put on a heavy standard physiotherapy sessions in many hospitals, with no improvement. Then I took acupuncture needles in the area and also visited a two chiropractors who manipulated the bone twice but no improvement.

Finally, I traveled to a physiotherapy clinic named Splendid in Peshtany in the Slovak Republic and did special physiotherapy for one month and that helped a lot, I must say that it was like a miracle; I came back and started horses riding immediately. I seriously recommend that for all patients who have pain to try this place. I don't have the exact address, however, Peshtany is well known small town in the Slovak Republic and everyone there knows Splendid.

Sami Ghazwan

Update, 2006-03-26

I wrote my story few months ago, and by that time (April 2005) I felt much better after I traveled to the Splendid health center in Peshtany in the Slovak Republic.

Unfortunately, I fell again on my coccyx while I was in the bathroom last November then started the same pain again in the same area. I immediately visited an orthopedic who recommended that I try an anti-inflammatory tablets (CELEBRIX) 200 mg for one month, one tablet a day. I must say that 2 weeks after I started taking the CELEBRIX the pain went down to 40%, and after 4 weeks it went to almost 95% pain free.

Now I do get pain for a day or two but ONLY when I forget and do lift objects like a chair or a heavy bag etc, else I started to get back to my normal life.

Sami Ghazwan

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