Tailbone doctors in Ohio?

Rose - mcculloch_r60@yahoo.com

Does anyone know of a good doctor in Ohio experienced in dealing with a dislocated tailbone? This happened Jan. 2004 and continues to cause extreme pain. I also have a perineal cyst in the same area. I have constant pain in my left leg and lower back as well, related to my fall.

I've had quite enough steroids and my doctor said to me yesterday "What am I supposed to do with you now?" The steroid injections were in the SI joint this time but I've had steroid injections in the L3-L4 area with no relief either time.

Newest drug is Lyrica- is an anti-epileptic only tested on 472 people in clinical trials, doc says try it you're miserable- what harm can it do?

Help if you can ----frustrated and drugged in Ohio.

Updated 2005-11-06

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