Snowboarding pain in the butt

Nicole -

I just thought I'd mention how brilliant this site is and how reassuring it is to find that I'm not the only one who's going through this massive pain in the butt! This site has provided me a wealth of crucial info , as well as being a source of amusement (and fear, by the way) given that going out for a meal with friends or sitting at the cinema is totally out of the question. What else have I got to do?

I fractured my coccyx 2 weeks ago in Val d'Isere whilst snowboarding (sneezing/laughing/ coughing/ even sniggering is still a pain, I might add). I recommend the "travel" section for anyone who hasn't read it yet- especially the bit about lying down in the aisle of a plane- which brought a smile to my face. Its sad, but it makes total sense. I'm not yet at the stage of being adventurous with coccyx-comfy positions, but I'll get there. I've got the special pillows at the ready.

I'm currently enjoying the novelty of this dire situation (having passed the most acute period of pain) but I sure do feel for all of you long-term suffers. Its an awful predicament. I don't know what the future has in store for me, but I'm certainly banking on snowboarding again, and soon, like in two weeks time. So I'd really like to hear from all of those people who have broken their coccyx recently and had had a miraculous 100% recovery and are back in full swing riding their bikes, horse riding, snowboarding etc etc.

It has certainly been educational...


Updated 2005-02-20

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