Conservative management of coccyx pain failed

Tami -

Hello all,

I am a 31 year old female with coccyx pain since November 2003. No trauma, no childbirth, just spontaneous onset of pain. I am otherwise healthy. The pain is usually an 8 out of 10. Plain x-rays show that my coccyx is flexed to about 80 degrees (a lot). My MRI demonstrated nonspecific inflammation about the coccyx which cannot be explained, and 2 small tarlov cysts at the S3 region.

I have failed conservative management (vioxx, mobic, ibuprofen, oral steroids, heat therapy, etc). The orthopaedic surgeon that I saw most recently would now like to do steroid injections (he notes that he will only do 3-5 maximum due to atropy/thinning of the external skin).

If I respond appropriately to the injections, he mentioned the possibility of coccygectomy. The part that scares me is that he only performs 2-3 per year. He says that he is just super careful in who he selects for the procedure, as the outcome traditionally is "variable" at best. I am located near Durham NC and was wondering if any of you are in NC and know of any renowned coccyx specialists?

Thank you so much for any advice,


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Updated 2005-07-03

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