My successful treatments for tailbone pain

Xiaomei -

Since I got a lot of information from this web, I am going to share my story of self successful treatments of tailbone pain after childbirth. I had my son in March, 2003. After the delivery, sometimes I felt a little bit of pain in my tailbone when I was sitting on a chair to breastfeed my son. From July, 2004, the pain in the tailbone got severe, I couldn't even sit, and the kind of pain feeling is always there except I fell in asleep. I went to my doctor and he never had any experience with it. I requested bone density scan and the results turned out normal. Then I analyzed my situation by myself. Nobody knows the details, history better than yourself.

I was not used to milk and I didn't get enough calcium during my pregnancy and I breastfed my son for 10 months. It all needs calcium supply and I only took calcium tablets. When I took 2000 mg calcium a day after 3 months, my back pain totally disappeared. So I still believed that the tailbone pain is associated with calcium deficiency. The most important thing is to increase the calcium absorbance. The best source is from food. For calcium to reach bones, it needs magnesium too. So from December 2004, everyday, I took calcium + magnesium with orange juice (with calcium) or lime juice before breakfast. Calcium included organic ones and inorganic ones. Before lunch, I took about 25 g self-ground dried shrimp. The shrimp is about 1 cm long and it has the largest content of calcium in all the food. Before dinner, I took orange juice (with calcium) or honey. Before bed, I took some Chinese dates and other dried herbs containing calcium and iron, vitamins. After 1-3 hours of taking these things, there is a warm feeling in the tailbone area, mingled with the pain feeling. So all day long, I was not feeling comfortable. But I knew I am going to the right direction. After one month, I could sit on my computer for 1-2 hours before the pain comes back. After 3 months, there is no problem for me to sit 8 hours, and the pain was gone at February 2005. Since the problem is accumulated for a long time, it needs a long time to get rid of it totally. Now I still pay attention to my food everyday.

At the beginning of my self treatment, my husband strongly suggested me to try Chinese medicine and I took them for half a month. The feeling I got after taking the medicine is similar to the feeling got from my food intake. The greatest ingredient the Chinese medicine are calcium and others to provide a balance. The cause of the tailbone pain is explained by my doctor as a symptom of unbalanced long term life (diet), although I couldn't accept it all. But it indeed gave me insight to my tailbone problem.

Other suggestions:

  1. Press your tailbone to decide the possible reason for it, accident, ligament injury, or others. Sometimes you maybe need someone help from pressing it inside.
  2. I found out calcium, iron and magnesium all helped in my treatment. Acidic juice increased the absorbance of them.
  3. Try to find alternate ways before going to surgery. I heard stories from my friends in China. The cases are from accident falling to break the tailbone. They had it adjusted to normal position by experienced doctors, and the problem went away after taking proper care for 1-2 months. I just heard these stories in my fighting for my tailbone pain process.

Updated 2005-05-22

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