Still in pain after 20 years

V Taylor -

Hi. I am writing to any one that can advise or help me. I was kicked about 20 years ago. Could not walk, hospital said it was a fractured coccyx, nothing to be done. The pain wasn't too bad, but years after I found I couldn't sit down. A few more tests and they told me it had disintegrated. They had to operate on me because the pain was excruciating, they said it would be dangerous, that there was a 50-50 chance if I would walk again. I was in so much pain I didn't care.

Then I sat on a ring and it helped a bit. Being slim, I have no cushion. The doctor said the pain is where they left the nerve endings there and they touch, causes the pain. I have sciatica constantly down one leg, I have slipped discs as well.

I have had a lot of cortisone injections in facet joint and in base of spine for temporary relief. I could jump in the air, I feel young and alive, but when pain returns my body is alive in pain.

I have been having injections twice a year and look forward to the operation, sad isn't it, and I have had one denerveation. You have to be awake. That is excruciating pain, because they touch the nerve and cauterise it at 80 degrees, say no more.

I am waiting at the moment for another one. Surely in this generation they would have a cure, not just temporary pain relief. No-one should have to be in pain, it controls your entire life and makes you be depressed. More pills.

Kind regards

V Taylor

Updated 2005-05-15

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