Coccyx pain for over a year

Crystal -

I have been having pain in the tail bone area since July, 2004. I am 23 years old, and up to this point have been in excellent health.

The pain started on the long 13 hour drive home from vacation. It has since gotten so bad that I walk in an almost 'hunched' position, am unable to sit for more than a few minutes, and get every little sleep at night due to the intense pain. It hurts to use the bathroom, and I have been unable to get close with my husband because it hurts so bad. There is never a time when I am not in pain, and everyday activities that I used to take for granted are now next to impossible (I haven't been able to lay in a warm bath for over 6 months).

I was fist told by my doctor that my tailbone was likely broken, and was given pain killers. After a few months of no relief (pain killers had no effect) I saw my doctor again who told me it was probably an ingrown hair, and to come back if the pain was still present in a few months time. Well, I ended up back in his office where he referred me to an orthopaedic surgeon. After 3 months of waiting, I was given x-rays which showed nothing. A month later I had a bone scan, which also yielded no results. I am now waiting for an MRI, which I had to practically beg my doctor for. I've had injections, narcotic pain killers, you name it with no relief.

I also suffer from migraine headaches a few times a week, which troubles me. Anyways - I am hoping the MRI shows something - anything - so that I can finally get some relief. I am on the verge of going on medical disability from work, and am getting desperate!!! wish me luck....

Updated 2005-08-21

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