Coccyx pain during pregnancy, Dr says sit on a donut cushion

Camille -

I have read several experiences on this website that indicate coccyx pain after childbirth, but none mention it during pregnancy, so I am anxious to know if anyone has a similar experience that can give me advice.

I am only 16 weeks pregnant and have had pain for the last month or so from sitting at my desk at work. My sister, a physical therapist and mother of 3 said that when pregnant, your ligaments loosen, especially in the pelvic region, and that sitting for long periods on my tailbone was causing the sharp and debilitating pain. So I changed my chair and got an inflatable cushion to sit on. It has definitely helped, and I now have only a mild aching after work and only occasional sharp pains with the wrong movement, whereas for a while I was almost incapacitated when I got home each day.

I saw my doctor for my monthly checkup yesterday and mentioned the problem, and my concerns after reading so many problems on this website about childbirth. She simply said to sit on a donut cushion, and that I would probably be susceptible to fractures or other problems from labor. Not very encouraging.

Has anyone else experienced this, and is there anything I can do to be better prepared for childbirth? I would love to hear from you. At least I am forewarned, which seems to be better than most women get.

Thanks for such a great website!


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Updated 2005-08-21

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