Coccyx pain drove me mad


My pain started just over two years ago - when squatting down I just caught the end of a hard chair - I thought nothing of it. That was the time when I broke my coccyx.

Just to make this story shorter. I tried everything and anything.

I had my appointment with the top spinal surgeon in Norfolk, UK - Mr Gadir - very very nice man. And everything pointed towards the fact that this time he will do the operation - which I believe will help. But I couldn't sleep for a week before, dreading the words: "Off to the pain clinic and sorry nothing else we can do for you".

Then one night 5 days before the appointment I sat in the bed - I had plenty of painkillers and other things like little valium by the side of my bed - none of them ever really worked. So I thought I will put them to a good use and will stop the pain. If doctors can't do anything then I have the solution. I took them all - washed down with some vodka and juice - and I never drink.

My husband found me next morning - off to the hospital - in with the treatment - sick sick everywhere - and I survived - no lasting damage. No wonder those painkillers never worked - I must be immune to them.

Shell shocked in all aspects I had some time off work and also saw Mr Gadir - operation in next couple of months. There is a God out there somewhere.

Still in a lot of pain 99% of the time but feeling I can cope a little longer now till the op.

Sometimes I thought I was imagining the pain - is this normal or what? - going mad, but now I had time off work - I had some time free periods - complete rest does is with laying down on my side. So there is a life without pain. It made me realise that I'm in pain for the rest of the time.

Maybe mad but I will get there now - I made this my new hobby - sorting my back out. And I will always get in my life what I want if I set my mind to it. Sounds positive doesn't it!!!

So much thank you for a great and super web-site. I thought I was on my own and before the op promise I would sit here crying not being able to even read about the problem.

Fingers crossed for everybody


Updated 2005-03-13

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