Coccyx removal pending

Nicki Richardson -

Hi there my name is Nicki Richardson, and I am a thirty-nine year old female who fell off a horse at the age of thirteen-ish and fractured my tailbone. It was not, however, diagnosed correctly by the hospital and two weeks later whilst I was back in school the police arrived to tell them that I had a fracture of the coccyx that had not been picked up till the x-ray had dried. Subsequently I have suffered with low back pain for years and undergone many forms of treatment.

I have just recently had another injection by my GP for the pain and been diagnosed with coccydinia, my GP has told me it has gone beyond the injections and will need a removal.

I live in Oldham,, Lancashire, UK and have been referred to a Mr. Elsworth at the Royal Oldham Hospital, but after a cervical epidural for a neck problem went very wrong in November 2003, I am not sure how I will feel about going there.

Could you possibly advise of the op itself and if you are aware of a good surgeon in my area. Won't bore you with any more of my story but would appreciate any advice you could offer.

Kind regards.

Nicki Richardson

Updated 2005-01-30

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