Coccydynia following pilonidal surgery

Puanani -

I have had a chronic problem with pilonidal cysts starting in June of 1999. Within 3 years I had 4 surgeries and around 15 cysts removed from my sacral area. The wounds were left open to heal after every surgery and would never close before another cyst or infection developed. At one point the wounds had closed and been fine for 18 months before splitting open again. Now, 4 months later the wound has closed.

My current wound care doctor says that everything looks fine. My scars from previous surgeries have all healed and there is no sign of infection or another pilonidal. I told him that I still had a constant dull ache, almost like the entire area feels bruised. He pushed around for awhile, which was extremely painful and has ordered an MRI to be done. He said that after having so many pilonidals, infections and surgeries in the same area that some people develop bone infections or osteo. I've done some research on my own to find more information on Coccydynia.

I understand that Pilonidal symptoms can resemble Coccydynia. Could my recurrent Plonidals have caused Coccydynia? Or was it Coccydynia that had caused my Pilonidals? There were only a couple of Pilonidal abscesses that contained hair, which is only a secondary cause so I almost feel as if they just called them pilonidals.

I understand that some MRIs come back normal. Are there other tests that I should ask my doctor about if this happens?

There are some days when I am virtually pain free, but in more pain a couple of days later. Does Coccydynia only cause constant pain in the tailbone area? There are times when I am in pain from my hips down to my knees; especially during my menstrual cycle. Could this be related?

I know that you aren't a doctor, but I have learned that the experiences of others can be extremely helpful in diagnoses even if it is just to rule out other factors.

Your input is greatly appreciated.


Note from Jon Miles: It is possible that your operations have resulted in a bone infection - see BJ. This woman got a bone infection from repeated steriod injections. The infection showed up on an MRI, so your MRI should let your doctor diagnose this if it is there. By the way, not all pilonoidal cysts contain hair.

Updated 2005-07-17

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