Osteomyelitis of the coccyx from steroid injections

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I took steroid injections, 4 to 6 year for about at least 10 years if not more than that. I went to pain management to try to see if I would be a candidate for nerve block in December 2004, as the pain in coccyx was getting worse and injections not lasting as long, and he gave me an injection in two places. I was in the most horrific pain on Xmas day. I could not move without screaming. After 1 week of this horrific pain I started to bleed and pus was coming out of me, and the doctor did an MRI and found I had a huge abscess so was admitted to hospital for removal of abscess and a week of intravenous antibiotics.

I still had so much pain they finally did another MRI and found out that my coccyx was full of osteomyelitis [a bone infection, usually caused by bacteria], so on January 28 I had the coccyx removed. The osteomyelitis took 65 days of daily intravenous antibiotics and many doctors to watch over me, and wound care specialists because my wound was not allowed to be sewn shut but had to heal from the inside out. Because of this I am now almost cured.

I finally am going back to work June 01. I am feeling really good now, still have pain but it is controlled with Neurontin for nerve pain and when weather steps in Percocet 10/325 for pain but am almost not having to take it. However I am a medical transcriptionist and have to sit long hours, and I don't know how that will be when I get back to work. My pain is very sensitive to weather changes as it was before surgery also.

I am so glad I had the coccyx removed and wish now I had done it prior to getting the osteomyelitis, but who knows whether the outcome would have been better. I know I have several months of pain ahead of me most likely, but it isn't any worse than before. I sit on a fake lambs wool car seat, which is quite comfortable, or a memory-foam thick pillow when going to a restaurant. As long as I can keep off the what was the tail bone area (which is still painful if sitting on it even though bone is gone) I am really quite comfortable and doing well.

Updated 2005-05-29

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