Coccyx edema

O. Adams

Original posting, 2005-08-28:

I have been suffering with coccyx edema for about 5 years now! I have really been in a lot of pain lately especially since around April of this year! The shot that they gave me last year wore off. I have been put through a lot of changes by the doctors that I have been seeing in this Ortho clinic. I had been seeing one doctor he went on vacation, then they put me with another doctor in the clinic, that is when the nightmare began. He told me he was not going to give me another shot, no reason at all. Not only that, he did not even touch me. When I went back for a check up, I took my husband with me, he said oh no, this man is not right for you. I have not been back.

Last month I went to the emergency room for help at one of our major hospitals they gave me some pills for spasms in the stomach, and for pain in the lower back and coccyx. They did an x-ray and told me something no doctor had ever told me. He said that when we bend forward, or bend period we have bone that protrudes out of the spine, this is normal. But that I had bone growing from that bone. They told me that is what is causing all of the pain in my tail bone. He also told me not to worry about it because I was born that way.

Well I have a friend that works there at the hospital. I told her she was going to have to help me get into one of the clinics there, because I felt that this was where I was going to find my answers and healing. She got busy for me. They told her they knew exactly what treatments I needed. She told me they wanted me to get my private physician to refer me, that was all I had to do. I called and they did it. I got a call from the clinic and a letter in the mail the first of the month telling me where to come and what to expect. I was seen by them the next week with good results.

I wanted to share this with you guys because I feel better than I have felt in a long time. I still have some pain but it is local now just in that one area. the tall bone now. The clinic that I am in is called the DBC Spine Clinic. This is the best thing that has happened to me since I have been dealing with this dreadful pain. Believe me when I tell you it is worth your giving it a try.

I hope this helps someone out there! I have more energy and everything now! I pray the same for you.

Note from Jon Miles - DBC says on its website: "DBC incorporates unique, patented and FDA listed, testing and training devices specifically designed to initiate, sustain and control adaptation through careful doses of load and motion while isolating the target areas of the spine."


Update, 2005-10-02:

I am now halfway through my treatments with the DBC Clinic. I am really feeling wonderful considering this dreadful pain that has decided to live with some of us. As I said before my pain is now local, mostly in the tail bone and soreness in my back.

I have not had to deal with spasms but about twice since the treatments began. I am now more able to cope. I am sleeping at night like a baby, I don't wake up in pain like I was doing before or not sleeping at all. I was suffering with pain behind the ear where your glasses sit, also in my chest, hip, knees, back and tail bone. I tell you it is truly wonderful to have so much relief. The pain in my knees has subsided, I move a lot better.

I am so thankful to the therapist that works with me. Another plus is that everyone that is involved in your therapy is very friendly and caring. They treat you the way I believe they would want to be treated if they were sick. My therapists is a wonderful young man when you are on the machines doing your exercises he is constantly asking are you okay? That makes me feel very good. I think that all of this contributes to your well being. I have also been shown how to do some exercises at home that will help the tailbone, back, and hips, these help to strengthen your muscles and bring them back. I have also purchased a coccyx pillow which is a great help also. I pray this helps someone.

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