Ongoing pain, considering surgery.

Roberta -

I am a 57 year old woman. Five years ago, I slipped getting into a pool and fell landing hard on my seat, experiencing the kind of "seeing stars" pain, feeling nauseous and remaining sore. When I returned home to the Boston area after a long and uncomfortable flight from Arizona, I consulted my physician. X-rays showed fractures in the coccyx and the pain never resolved. I began having cortisone injections into the area approximately 3 years. ago and they worked very well after about 2 weeks, lasting at least 4 mos. each time. Recently, they have stopped lasting very long, so I am beginning to consider the surgery now.

A complicating factor for me is the fact that I have M.S. I have had it since I was 33 and have begun to do less well with it lately, meaning that my walking has become worse, my legs are often cement-like and I use my walker more these days. The doctor who administers the injections has told me that he does not consider that the M.S. is a contraindication to the surgery, he believes that it is time to have it done and he has referred me to a doctor who he says is excellent, Dr. Jerry Knirk. I am wondering if anyone knows of this doctor and of other doc(s) in the Boston area who perform the surgery atraumatically, with good results, and who have performed many coccygectomies.

I would appreciate hearing from people who have had good results with surgeons they would recommend as it seems likely that surgery is the only solution for me at this time.

Many thanks,


Updated 2005-06-05

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