Getting ready for surgery for pain in my back side

Killian -

I have had a pain in my back side for nine years now. After the birth of my first child, I slipped on ice and landed on my tailbone. It healed, but I could not go bike riding for long periods of time.

After the birth of number 4, who weighed almost 9 pounds, the pain started again. At my six week check up, the doctor said it could have been the delivery. The baby may have cracked the bones. Now its 17 months later and the pain has not gone away. I take 800-1000 mg of ibuprofen almost 3 times a day. I can't sit longer than 15 min.

I finally went to the doctor on my B-day, told him what was happening. He said if the bones were out of place, they could be manually repositioned. A local shot to numb, reposition and an anti-inflammatory shot, No problem. Well after x-rays he sent me to an orthopedic.

The last three bones look like a "Z" and the whole thing leans to the right. the ortho said I could live with the pain or have it out. You guessed it, I chose surgery. I go in March 22. I will keep you updated.

I do have one question for the women. How did having surgery affect your sex life?

Updated 2005-02-20

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