Looking forward to recovering


I am having my surgery, on Aug 19th 2005 and I am so happy! I fell 1 year and 3 months ago and have been in terrible pain since then. I always feel bad, when I complain about the pain, but I have NEVER experienced anything like this PAIN in my 54 years of living.

I have had all the injections and got GREAT relief, only to have the pain return after the last injection and then became worse!!! (I did not think that was possible, but it was and is)

I have heard that the recovery is AWFUL, but I actually look forward to the word RECOVERY!! It has been such a painful year and 3 months, that 12 weeks of recovery time, is looking GREAT !!

It is nice to read all your letters, especially those who did so well with the surgery.

Thanks !

DS in Wisconsin

Updated 2005-07-17

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