Pregnancy after coccygectomy

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I had a coccygectomy 20 years ago when I was 14 years old, this following various horse-riding accidents over a period of a year. The operation went without incident, and was considered a real success. My healing was very quick and I have suffered no real discomfort since the full removal of my coccyx.

20 years on, and I am now 10 weeks pregnant. For the first time since the operation I am suffering quite a bit of continuous discomfort. It started with a few days of sciatic pain in my right thigh, but more recently it consists of a continuous dull ache in my right buttock (with the occasional sharp pain when I make certain movements) and the occasional pain at the end of my spine.

I wonder if this is caused by the reattachment of the tendons/muscles that happens in coccygectomy now being pressurised by the increasing weight of my uterus - but to be frank I have absolutely no idea! I have had no falls/incidences in the last few weeks that could have caused this.

Has anyone else experienced a pregnancy after coccygectomy? I would love to hear your stories, both positive and those that endured discomfort like myself.

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Updated 2005-07-10

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