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Anita -

Hi, I am 47 years old. I have suffered mysterious tailbone pain since November 2004. No recent trauma can be recalled. I did fall and landed on the ground when I was 18 years old. It was painful but only took me a week to recover. There were probably a few mild falls from skiing, roller skating etc. over the years. I remember I always had a dull pain after biking and it would resolve a few hours afterward. I quit biking when the pain did not resolve after a week about 4 years ago.

X-ray in tailbone and bone scan in pelvis were negative. MRI revealed a mild disk protrusion on L5. I went to see 2 spinal doctors and both agreed that my tailbone pain is a referred pain from the disk protrusion. I definitely disagreed with them. They only offered cortisone shots in the disk and the tailbone. I have deferred the shots until June 2005 so that I can try some manual treatments.

Treatments I have tried:

I am now more confused than ever as I always thought that my tailbone was jammed and misaligned. Now I don't know who's right? Four diagnoses were given thus far (referred pain from L5, jammed forward and misaligned, pulled to the left, pudendal nerve entrapment). How do I know which diagnosis is correct?

Did anyone have coccyx pain was caused by pudendal nerve entrapment? Please email me and share your experience re: diagnosis, prognosis and treatment. Your feedback will be greatly appreciated!

I am desperate for a cure. I live about 25 miles south of San Francisco. Please let me know if you happen to know any good experienced providers for manual treatment in my area. I am also receptive to shots. If you have short or long term relief, I would also like to hear from you.

In light of this pain, I have been very depressed recently. I have lost weight. I lose my appetite. I cry from time to time. I can't sleep sometime. I am worried about my job. I will lose my job if I can't return in 12 weeks. I am on medical leave and this is my 7th week and I am still suffering. In fact, I have developed hip joint pains on both sides about a week ago. I don't know what has caused it. Perhaps this is resulted from the pelvic adjustment from different people or the exercises.

I greatly appreciate your feedback!

Finally, I want to thank Jon for setting up the web site and this is great for all coccyx pain sufferers.

Thanks for listening!


Note from Jon Miles

There is a test that they can do to tell the source of the pain. They inject a local anesthetic around the coccyx, and see if that stops the pain for a few hours. If it does, then it is your coccyx that is causing the problem. See Injection of local anesthetic for more details.

Updated 2005-05-29

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